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Solar Solutions for Africa

"Shell shocked South Africans heard that Eskom planned to charge them close to 20% more for electricity next year"

One can access solar power and harvest energy anywhere.

Solar energy can be accessed anywhere. The only prerequisite is that the sun must shine.

Eskom’s application to the regulator for a 20% tariff hike, plus the prospect of even higher costs as the utility seeks compensation for lower sales in previous years, demonstrates again that its current business model is unsustainable.

“Each year, Eskom sells less electricity (than the previous year) while its costs climb, causing it to seek steeper tariff increases – which in turn incentivises consumers to use less electricity,” said Eberhard. “This is the classic utility death spiral.”

"The consumption of non-renewable energy sources such as oil, gas, and coal are increasing at a very fast rate. The rate at which consumption is increasing is alarming, to say the least. It’s time to look for alternative options."

The Green Zone

Renewable energy focuses on four core areas including; electricity generation, air and water heating / cooling, transportation, and rural energy services. The energy sector in South Africa is an important component of global energy regimes due to the country's innovation and advances in renewable energy.

Solar Accreditations and Affiliations

Sustainable Energy Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great North Trading Company (Pty) Limited whom is a fully accredited, licensed and insured Solar Electrical contractor and supplier of renewable energy and energy efficiency products and services to the Hospitality and Tourism industry.  

We are full-service solar specialists and are accredited and aligned with a number of National and International Solar and Renewable Associations, Organizations and Standards.