Sunsynk Sun 8K Hybrid Inverter

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Sunsynk Sun 8K Hybrid Inverter



The SunSynk 8 kW inverter offers a complete single-phase solution and incorporates an inverter, charger and MPPT charge controllers.

Main Features:
◾Continuous power – 8000W
◾Backup power – 8000W
◾DC – 48V
◾Max charge/discharge current – 190A
◾2 x MPPT
◾Several AC inputs for Generator, Grid, etc.
◾Comes with the Wi-Fi logger and CT

The Sunsynk Hybrid Parity Inverter is a highly efficient power management tool that manages power coming from multiple sources such as solar, mains grid and generator and then effectively stores and releases power as required.

Solar input:
◾Max DC input power: 10,400 W
◾Max DC input voltage: 500V
◾Max current input – 18A + 18A
◾2 x MPPT charge controller
◾No. of strings per MPPT: 2 / 2

Operating modes:
◾Battery only
◾Grid-tie only

Other Features
◾Peak power (off-grid) 2 x rated power for 10 seconds
◾Battery charger adjustable for both Lead Acid and Li-ion batteries
◾Works parallel on or off-grid
◾Single phase
◾Natural cooling- IP65 protection
◾Compact and light design for easy installation
◾Transformer-less GT technology
◾RS485 Wi-Fi interface
◾Built-in protection features
◾Built-in anti-overflow function
◾25 years lifespan
◾UPS / Transfer time <= 10ms
◾Size: 670 x 420 x 233 mm
◾Weight: 32 kg