REVOV 2nd LiFe R100 Li-Ion Battery

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REVOV 2nd LiFe R100 Li-Ion Battery

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SKU: 2LIFE-R9-UBMS-R100-5.1

2nd LiFe 16 cell, 51.2V, 100Ah, 5,1kWh, Battery Module with built in BMS, CANBus
A 2nd LiFe battery, like REVOV’s R100 battery, has already served as the battery in an electric vehicle. It is then expertly repurposed for use as a stationary energy storage system – and still has an expected lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

This makes it much more affordable and more environmentally friendly than other lithium batteries.

BMS Indicator Lights:
• Green Light – Normal Operation.
• Red Light ON – Fault Detection.
• Green Light Flash – Charging.
• Green and Red-Light Flash – Over Discharge warning.
• Fault Detection – ON fault detection the BMS stops charge and/or discharge.
• Recovery – when conditions return to normal BMS releases the protection made.

BMS Monitors and Manages:
• Charge and Discharge Current.
• Over-Charge protection and recovery.
• Under-Charge protection and recovery.
• Cell Voltage Detection.
• Short Circuit Protection.
• Cell Balancing.
• Temperature protection and recovery.

REVOV Batteries (PTY) LTD:
10 years or 3500 cycles at 1 cycle per day.

DOD When used properly every day the R100 can be safely discharged to 100% of its rated 100Ah capacity. Battery life is shortened if it is discharged beyond its rated Ah capacity.