RomaGear Foldable Solar Panel Kit 100W

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RomaGear Foldable Solar Panel Kit 100W


The RomaGear FPV-100 (100W) foldable solar panel kit is designed for travelers, with high durability and portability. The solar panel kit includes foldable panels, solar controller, solar panel cabling connectors-5m and a protective cover, it’s the perfect companion for camping and all outdoor activities.

Power Specifications:

•Total power (W) - 100W
•Total daily production - 560Wh

•Closed dimensions (H x L x W) mm - 670 x 530 x 50
•Open dimensions (H x L x W) mm - 670 x 1060 x 25
•Weight - 8.5 Kg
[dimensions and weight are per foldable panel set]

Electrical Specifications:
•Voltage - maximum power - 18 v
•Current (Amp) - maximum power - 5.56 A
•Voltage - open circuit - 22.1 v
•Current (Amp) - short circuit - 7.36 A
•Controller manufacturer - Steca / Victron
•Controller type - PWM Multistage

•Battery state of charge indication
•Multifunction LED display
•Multistage charging technology
•Overvoltage protection at module input
•Over temperature and overload protection
•Overcharge protection
•Deep discharge protection
•Short circuit protection of load and module
•Load disconnection on battery overvoltage
•Temperature compensation
•Monthly equalization charge
•Automatic electronic fuse

•Battery cable is not included (optional) as this will depend on the make/model of battery, distance, and integration
•We can also accommodate custom modification for individual requirements
•Daily production figures do not take into account cable losses etc. and are weather dependent
•Components are durable marine grade
•The controller must be located indoors and within a short distance from the battery to achieve max efficiency