Efergy Engage Hub Solo with Power Supply

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Efergy Engage Hub Solo with Power Supply


Our engage hubs are simple to install and use. A small sensor is clipped on to the supply cables in your breaker panel. A lead from the sensor is connected to the efergy transmitter, which then wirelessly sends real time data to the home hub. The home hub is connected to your internet router via Ethernet cable. When you go online to our web portal or onto your smartphone app, the router wirelessly uploads your energy data and converts this data into kilo-watt hours. The web platform or app will then show you how much energy you are using in the same units that are on your bill. You can also see how much energy you are saving compared to other web platform users, compare energy saving tips, and set energy consumption targets.

Key features
• Energy Now- See your home electrical consumption in real time.
• Budget - Set a target consumption and monitor your progress.
• Cost So Far - See your cost today, this week or this month.
• Demand / Usage History - Check past and compare your present.

Engage online platform features
• Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere.
• See your energy data on our FREE platform and our apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.
• Eliminate bill shock, monitor your energy costs in real time.
• Energy Report - download your daily energy data onto your PC/Mac.
• View your daily, weekly, monthly or average costs in easy-to-read graphics.
• Set your monthly budget and see how close you are to meeting it.
• Compare your energy over 12 months and see where your costs are highest.
• Choose to view your energy data in £'s, kWh or CO2.
• Discover and reduce your carbon footprint.
• Teach your family about energy use and saving.
• Use the engage elite kit to track reductions in your household energy.

Micro - Generation
For customers who generate there own electricity. This item can not see current direction therefore all current will be seen as consumption. If you would like a product to monitor both then you may be interested in our ennova which it will available by the end of summer.

Technical specifications
• Frequency - 433 MHz.
• Sensor Voltage Range - 90 V - 600 V.
• Measuring Current - 50 mA - 120 A.

In the Box
• 1 x engage hub gateway.
• 1 x Ethernet cable.
• 1 x AC/DC Adaptor.