Efergy Energy Monitor E2 With Optical Pick-Up

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Efergy Energy Monitor E2 With Optical Pick-Up 

For Prepaid Meter Homes


The efergy elite electricity monitor is simple to install and use. The sensor wirelessly sends information about the amount of electricity you are using to the display monitor. The monitor converts this into kilowatt-hours, the standard unit which the electricity company uses to charge you. This shows how much you are using in the same units that are on your bill. Input the amount your energy company charges you for each kilowatt-hour and you can see how much you are spending in electricity instantly. Make instant changes to save money, energy and the environment.

Main features
• Portable compact display can be placed anywhere in the home. New and improved display.
• View your real time energy consumption (cost, CO2 and kWh).
• View historical daily, weekly or monthly data (cost, CO2 and kWh).
• View daily, weekly or monthly average (cost, CO2 and kWh).
• Up to 70 m range.
• Wall mountable display.
• 12 months minimum battery life (with 2400 mAh alkaline batteries).
• DC or battery powered options for the display unit.
• Easy to set up and use.
• Understand your carbon footprint.

Micro - Generation
• Our monitors can be used to monitor micro-generation but do not provide net metering information. Our sensor will read the current going through your feed cable but will not ascertain the direction of the current. This means that at night, for example, if your inverter is using some electricity the monitor will show this and add it to the generation values.

Net Metering
• This product is not suitable for net metering installations. If you are looking for a net metering solution, please keep an eye on our website, we will launching our ennova solution soon this year and this is designed for net-metering consumers.

Technical Specifications
• Frequency - 433 MHz
• Transmission Time - 6sec. 12sec. or 18 sec.
• Transmission Range - 40 m - 70 m.
• Sensor Voltage Range - 110 V - 300 V.
• Measuring Current - 50 mA - 95 A.
• Memory - 64K.
• Pack Size HxWxD - 19.1 cm x 20.5 cm x 5 cm.
• Display Power - 3 x AA Batteries.
• Transmitter Power - 3 X AA Batteries.

In the Box
• 1 x Elite portable display.
• 1 x Transmitter.
• 1 x Mini Optical Sensor
• 1 x Instructions manual.
• 1 x USB Cable
• 1 x elink 2.0 software download from efergy.com