Microcare Solar Pump 0.75kW Single Phase Pump Kit

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Microcare Solar Pump 0.75kW Single Phase Pump Kit (Pump & Mounting Brackets excl)
The Microcare Single Phase Solar Pump Inverters are designed to provide
power for remote applications of motors and pumps. Typically these would be Borehole and water pumps. This solution is designed to replace your existing 220V power source such as a generator. 
Driven by locally developed innovation the unit is a Maximum Power Point Tracker
(MPPT) facilitating maximum power generation for efficient usage.
With its variable speed control and flow switch input the unit is able to offer a
true Solar Pump Inverter capable of producing high efficiency levels.
The unique built in overdrive feature allows for easy PV string        
combinations and a lower PV voltage operation when compared to other
Pump Inverters on the market.
Microcare Solar Pump 1.1kW Single Phase Pump Kit Includes:
1 x Microcare VSD Solar Pump Inverter
6 x 260W High Voltage PV Panels
1 x Male & Female MC4 Connector
1 x 10m x 6mm2 Red Solar Flex Cable
1 x 10m x 6mm2 Black Solar Flex Cable