BOSCH Serie 2 Single Door Fridge 346L KSV36VW30

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BOSCH Serie 2 Single Door Fridge 346L KSV36VW30


The Bosch Serie 2 Single Door Freezer features an extra-deep frozen food drawer for practical stacking of frozen foods container or large frozen items like gateaux or pizzas. No matter whether you have to cater for a child’s birthday or freeze a wedding cake – in the BigBox you will find enough space for large frozen goods.

The alarm system signals a sound or light when the door is not closed properly or when other errors occur. In case of power failure, the cooler plate is released by the accumulator to release the cool air in order to maintain low temperatures.
The fan-assisted MultiAirflow System causes gentle, even currents of cold air to emerge at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Temperature fluctuations are minimized and cooling times reduced which helps your foods retain their flavor for longer.
Thanks to the optimum storage conditions, your food preserves an ideal consistency; ice cream, for instance, is neither too soft nor too hard. A constant temperature in the fridge interior is a decisive factor in achieving more freshness and flavor. FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control the ambient, fridge and freezer temperature. A constant temperature inside the fridge, independent of the outer temperature, is the result.

•100% CFC/HFC free
•NoFrost freezer
•Multi Airflow System
•SUPER freeze with automatic switch off
•Easy door opening with Air Channel System
•Freezing capacity of 22kg / 24 Hrs
•Smart door opening with air channel system
•Door right hinged, reversible
•Height adjustable front feet


Power 90W
Fridge Capacity 195L
Dimensions 1610 x 600 x 650 mm
Weight 65kg